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Sunday, April 18, 2010

AROC race meeting Manfield

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Need For Madness - Small Car Race
I´m driving with a big car and the computer cars are small...

AROC race meeting Manfield NZ 28/4/2007
Ken G's red 33, Simon M's Silver Sud and my 33, along with Ben T's GTV6 competing at the "May Madness" race meeting, Manfield circuit, Feilding, New Zealand

Need For Madness Walkthrough - Level 4 -
Need For Madness Walkthrough - Level 4 Song: Immediate Music - Electric Romeo (Choir) Car: Max Revenge Map: GrapeFruit Power Game: Download: Note: Sorry Theres a gap that starts at 1:40! Accident! Also on the bottom right corner of the video theres a Camtasia Logo, Yeah Should've Fixed it! Nevermind just enjoy the vid :) Need For Madness Walkthrough Links: Level 1: Level 2: Level 3: Level 5: ...

SB Madness shootout part 1
Time trials during dezert demonz shootout

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