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Thursday, December 24, 2009

San Andreas Multiplayer-Stunt Madness

Beetle Adventure Racing - Metro Madness- Time Attack
Always has been my favorite track. It reminds me of Las Vegas. Recorded with Adaptec GameBridge AVC-1400 model capture card, best quality with my stupid inefficient Dell 4500S Desktop. My Acer Extensa 5420-5687 model laptop is in the shop getting repaired right now, so Paper Mario TTYD recordings will be delayed another 5 to 7 days. To those of you "obnoxious professionals" who expect a person to play video games 110%, just shut it. I don't care. If you can't respect someone who plays the ...

"Beetle Adventure Racing!" Metro Madness
This is the song that plays during the course Metro Madness in Beetle Adventure Racing!, composed by Phil Western, Scott Blackwood and Brenden Tennant. Ripped, timed and tagged by Parasyte; converted and uploaded by me. Phil Western's site:

Wiimote Madness: Racing - A First Video Blog
Here's an instructional video on making your own glovepie script for a racing game.

insane 180+mph turbine boat
Platinum Princess world champion turbine race boat... see more at ... turbine race boat extreme speed fast offshore racing madness uim apba platinum catamaran powerboat power ocean lake

San Andreas Multiplayer-Stunt Madness
Played On Acer Aspire 6930G Notebook Config : 1. Core2Duo : 2.0Ghz 2. 4GB Ram 3. Nvidia 9600M GT 1GB Ingame Setttings : Everything at it's MAX Fps : 40-50 Server Details : HostName: «•Underground Stunt World 24/7•» Address: Players: 50 / 100 Ping: 212 Mode: Stunt-DM-Race-Drift-Parkour Map: Underground Stunts

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